Cyber Security

When Low Cost IT Providers Fail to Stop an Attack

 June 29, 2020

By  Anton Kiorolgo

When Low-Cost IT Providers Fail to Stop an Attack

While many MSPs and low-cost providers offer network security products, they are often poorly made and rarely quality-assured.

If your business’ network is hacked, the amount of damage largely narrows down to what information the cybercriminal had direct access to.

If you are hacked, you may experience:

  • The loss of sensitive and valuable information such as databases, financial records, and email lists.
  • Interruption of business activities.
  • The high cost to fix your network systems and restore files.

Often, solutions cost significantly less than the repairs required after a cyberattack, paired with the cost of lost income.

This sequence of events can be deadly to any business. Such IT catastrophes have been responsible for business closures and costly lawsuits. Don’t allow this possibility to become a reality for your business.

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