Talking with Barbara Corcoran about Business and Cybersecurity – Taking Technology Aspects Down to a More Human Level (P2)

 July 24, 2020

By  Anton Kiorolgo

If you’ve watched the TV series, Shark Tank, you may be familiar with Barbara Corcoran. Security First IT attended an event in September 2018 at the World Trade Center in Boston, MA. Barbara was invited to tell the story of how she started with a $1,000 loan and grew a multi-million dollar company.

Barbara also moderated a cybersecurity panel discussion that covered the following:

  • How to navigate threats in the business world today.
  • Why the state of cybersecurity has changed and will continue to evolve.
  • Where we feel the security market is headed.

Barbara asked, “Can you make IT more human? Is it possible to remove the technical aspects from the discussion and talk about what the ‘people as people’ need?”

“Most businesses are concerned about how people work with other people while computer technology runs in the background,” I said. “But, IT companies are focused on computer and internet technology all the time, rather than the other way around. Keeping systems up and running requires finding whatever threatens to bring them down. If we’re doing our job right, people don’t notice us. Communication is not our strong suit. The human connection in IT is usually limited to other people handling the technology processes.”

“People are more likely to trust what they can understand. By bringing the conversation down to the human level, people will more likely trust the security process to work. But, this type of security goes well beyond typical antivirus protection. It makes more sense to educate you about the risks instead.  The fact is, new hacking opportunities are emerging daily while businesses already struggle to learn and implement new equipment and processes at the same time. This gap is where cybercriminals thrive. Chances are good that computers, servers, and system software, as well as security applications, have gaps in protection from compatibility issues, missing updates, and more. Security First IT sees what happens when new systems and processes get added to older versions of technology. We fix it for you.”

“We must make all businesses address security threats and prepare for situations and concerns by having a plan in place,” said Commissioner Davis of the Boston Police Department – after the Department’s website was brought down by a hacker.

If Davis had been aware of the risk, he may have had a plan or a specific individual to address it.

Security First IT teaches our clients how to create an incident response plan. We explain the most common threats, how to recognize and respond to them. A chain of command is developed as employees practice and prepare for security breaches.

Keep an eye out for article three, showing a return on investment (ROI) for IT security techniques, allowing CEOs to make informed decisions.

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