Cyber Security

Re-Opening After Coronavirus Lockdown

 July 15, 2020

By  Anton Kiorolgo

States are reopening every day, that’s no secret – however, some business owners are blissfully unaware of the possible open front they are opening their business to as they reopen – cyberattacks.

While business owners are scrambling to bring their employees back in, restock, and prep for grand re-openings, cybercriminals are scanning through small business databases seeking out weak links.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) has estimated that 43% of all cyberattacks involve small business victims. Unfortunately, small businesses do not invest the amount they should in cybersecurity, as they believe that they are not a target for attacks. Cybercriminals have realized this fact and utilized many tactics to scam small businesses, from remoting into networks and installing malware to outright IRS scams sent through the mail.

Yearly, CISA (The Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency) releases the potential price tag of a security incident. In 2019, a single data breach could cost an average of $200,000, along with the fact that 60% of small business victims go out of business within six months of experiencing a breach.

Exiting lockdown, small businesses are both hurting and also expected to bring it all together to reopen while protecting their employees, customers, and livelihoods from attacks – be them the coronavirus or a cyber scammer.

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