Cyber Security

Ransomware: How Bad Could It Be?

 August 26, 2020

By  Anton Kiorolgo

Let’s face it, this isn’t just a scare sales tactic, ransomware attacks truly are on the rise. It isn’t restricted to only large organizations – small businesses are being targeted as well. In fact, many businesses are forced to shutter after an attack because of lost data, lawsuits, and legal fees. Preventing attacks is an active battle to stay ahead but pairing with a security partner does make things easier!

In fact, working with a security partner can help to:

  • Prime employees to recognize incidents as they begin and how to report them.
  • Enable fast response during a security incident.
  • Expedited response means quicker recovery and lowered losses.

Taking this on will prevent data loss and save yourself a heap of trouble, should something happen.

The three most common methods of infection will surprise you! In fact, most ransomware infections start with the click of a malicious link, downloading of the payload via an unknown or disguised file, or use of an exploit kit such as weak website code.

This may be putting your ire up – as it should – in fact, unknowing employees can be the source of these infections! Have you put them through security training to understand these risk factors?

To be honest, once an infection is deep-set, it will be close to impossible to remove without professional help stepping in to save the day and source the infection. Even a halfway-decent job will still leave the “back door” wide open for the same, or completely different, attackers to waltz right back in and make a completely new mess of things. In that case, you can kiss the bill to fix the damage and any new or reclaimed files goodbye!

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