Barbara Corcoran Talks About Information Technology (IT) and Cybersecurity – Simplifying Technical Processes for Business (P1)

 July 17, 2020

By  Anton Kiorolgo

Barbara Corcoran is one of the sharks from the TV series, Shark Tank. She attended an event on September 26, 2018, at the World Trade Center in Boston, MA. Barbara began with her story about how she turned a $1,000 loan into a multi-million dollar corporation.

The topic turned to finding the right IT service providers and protecting a business with proper security techniques. Technology companies gathered to discuss the state of cybersecurity, where the market is headed, and what kinds of threats are becoming more common in business today.

Barbara moderated a panel discussion to determine how to:

  • Find a good cybersecurity company.
  • Learn how IT service providers have evolved.
  • Resolve the communication issue between the IT company and its clients.

This is how we answered Barbara’s first question in this 6-part series:

“How do you get the technical services simplified so business owners and CEOs can understand it?” asks Barbara.

“At Security First IT, we don’t know if we can get technical services simplified, but we can try to communicate a little better. By providing information resources and educating them, we prepare our clients for more advanced discussions on recent security issues. They can be more aware of the dangers we’re trying to prevent.”

“Aside from education,“ I continued, “examples of actual cybersecurity issues can explain what IT security is up against. The commissioner of Boston, Edward Davis, presented a story on the panel about the effect a cyberattack had on the Boston Police Department.”

Davis described how a hacker wasn’t able to get into the police department’s records or service pages but a third-party vendor that maintained the website left them exposed. The server was attacked and the website was brought down for a short time.

“The public didn’t want to hear about the difference between securing a local server and a large networked infrastructure,” I explained. “They felt he left the server vulnerable to attack knowing it contained private and public data affecting local citizens.”

Davis was held responsible. A public relations nightmare began. Although their data wasn’t breached, the public and the press saw the Boston Police Department as a much larger organization and panicked. The result was damaged reputations.

“We’ve also seen the fallout of more advanced hackers on retail stores and credit bureaus in the news. Security First IT teaches our clients how to prevent attacks by developing an incident response plan. We document common threats and how to recognize and act on them. Employees train on and prepare for security breaches.”

“The hands-on knowledge gained in this process doesn’t simplify the technology behind it. Instead, it answers why protecting sensitive information and client data is critical for the survival of your business.”

Keep an eye out for part two, where we discuss how we as IT professionals can speak on “people terms” without needing to include the technical aspects?

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