Barbara Corcoran Talks About Information Technology (IT) and Cybersecurity – How IT Service Providers Show ROI to Potential Clients (P3)

 July 29, 2020

By  Anton Kiorolgo

Barbara Corcoran is an investor from the Shark Tank TV series. She recently went to an event at the World Trade Center in Boston, MA. She spoke about growing a small business into a multi-million dollar company. Part of running her business today requires the use of IT service providers. They install and maintain cybersecurity for her computer networks.

During the session, we answered important questions like:

Barbara wants to know, “Is it possible to show a return on investment during a cybersecurity discussion or presentation with executives and their businesses?”

“The best way for Security First IT to confirm a return on investment is by reducing the time employees spend waiting around during equipment failure or outages. When things are running safely, businesses also see lower costs for web hosting, internet, email service, and phone bills. By taking a look at their current situation, we may be able to estimate future savings,” I explain. “We document blocked hacking attempts on the network and files containing viruses. This helps us show the relationship between our security process and savings or increased production experienced by the business.”

On the panel, business owners echoed, “a feeling that IT and cybersecurity are a bottomless money pit and improvements aren’t always obvious to them.”

“It’s a good point,” I said, “if you have the wrong IT company and you’re not aware of the possible threats. -But, Security First IT has many years of experience in dealing with high-risk industries. We’ve found solutions that provide cost-effective protection and reliability – without breaking the bank.”

“We identify all hacking activity in your network systems to contain the problem. We can prevent the most common types of cyberattacks. These include spearphishing, malicious content, and credential theft. Then again, we can handle the more niche cyberattacks as well. We help clients avoid the high cost of being a hacking victim. Those costs can be business disruptions, legal fees, government fines, and a general loss of trust and reputation which leads to lost income. In essence, we keep your company running efficiently and cost-effectively. The worry of using an expensive hacking incident protocol is resolved. Suddenly, the expense of keeping up with your security systems begins making more financial sense.”

Keep an eye out for part two, about getting the business owner to care about security, without using easy-to-rely-on fear tactics.

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