Barbara Corcoran Talks About Information Technology (IT) and Cybersecurity – Does Your IT Service Provider Have to be Local to do the Job Right?(P6)

 August 19, 2020

By  Anton Kiorolgo

The investor, Barbara Corcoran, attended an event on September 26, 2018, at the World Trade Center in Boston, MA. You may know her as one of the sharks from the TV series, Shark Tank.

As we neared the end of our session with Barbara, she brought up a question that many business owners seeking IT support have:

“Does your IT service have to be local?”

“The answer is yes … and no.” I continued, “Certainly if you have to put a new computer in place, there has to be a technical person nearby to make that happen. We will work around that by traveling to locations or working with a trusted partner in your area. The associate will provide the physical portions of services by following our policies and procedures. We instruct them on how to deploy systems and document processes. Always in communication with our team, they are the person plugging in the wires and components. The rest of our services are done remotely.”

“It’s important to make our clients feel protected no matter where they are located. Most of our clients bundle several IT services, but we can also help business owners who only need cybersecurity. They are immediately notified if they are experiencing an unusual number of hacking attempts. Reports explain what we are doing to secure the system. If an attack succeeds, we do everything possible to minimize the damage with a quick and efficient response.”

For high-risk industries like medical, legal, and financial, we offer additional expertise by:

  • Covering compliance issues requiring business associate agreements (BAA) or HIPAA contracts in medical and healthcare.
  • Managing companies with supply chain risk equally across security, legal, and procurement departments.
  • Providing cloud security guidance as recommended by the National Institute of Standards and Technology.

“Security First IT manages our clients’ IT networks to help lower operating costs. We allow businesses to grow using a larger computer network with access to the latest cybersecurity advances. We help them protect their company’s reputation before it becomes a salvage operation after a security mishap.”

This concludes our 6-part series dealing with Barbara Corcoran’s questions to business owners and IT service providers offering cybersecurity. Have we given you helpful information and answers? Get in contact with the skilled staff at Security First IT using the contact information below.

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