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4 Reasons to Choose Security First IT for your IT Solutions in Charlotte

 August 1, 2018

By  Anton Kiorolgo

When a computer system goes down, it costs you money. The longer it’s down the more your business is at risk of missed sales and lost productivity costs. This is why having an IT support provider that is fast, reliable, and available whenever you need them is vital.

If you’re within a 30-mile radius of Charlotte, NC, and looking for great IT solutions, Security First IT is a provider you’ll want to check out. Once you do, you may find, just like 99% of their other clients, that you’ll never need to search for expert IT support again.

According to cloud backup provider, Carbonite, an IDC report found that 80% of small businesses have experienced computer and system downtime at some point. The costs for a single event can be staggering, ranging from $82,200 to $256,000, or about $137 to $427 per minute. So, every minute counts.

If you need reliable IT support in Charlotte that you can count on to minimize your downtime and help you avoid it in the first place, Security First IT Solutions is a partner you can trust to be there for you at a moment’s notice.

Security First IT understands that helping your business run effectively is the key focus of any support call. Technology should be serving you and your needs, not getting in the way. They’ve been a chosen and trusted IT provider for companies in Charlotte, North Carolina and surrounding areas since 2012.

IT Support in Charlotte with a 99% Customer Retention Rate

You know how good restaurants become favorites and always have people coming back? Well, the same is true of good IT solution providers. Security First IT Solutions is proud to have a 99% customer retention rate.

So, what does this technology support provider in Charlotte have that others don’t? Let’s take a look at the 4 key reasons that companies love Security First IT.

1. Customized Service to Fit You

Have you run into roadblocks in the past trying to get IT customizations that fit your business needs? It’s not very helpful to hear “Oh, we don’t do that” or “We’ll try, but that will cost you extra.”

Security First IT doesn’t just provide a “cookie-cutter” approach to IT support. Their solutions and services are customized to fit you and your business. They have a “Total IT Support” approach which means you get the support you need, how and when you need it.

Do you need IT work done occasionally, or every day? They can accommodate either, and everything in between. And all customers receive the same expert care and urgency with every call.

Here are a few of their main IT support services that can be customized for your business:

  • Computer Repair
  • Data Recovery
  • Printer and Peripheral Troubleshooting
  • Networking
  • Firewall Setup and Optimization
  • VoIP Phone System Setup
  • Server Setup and Support
  • Custom Application Development
  • CISCO Networking
  • Network Security and Real-Time Monitoring

2. Expert Support That’s Affordable

No business should have to settle for less IT support than they need. Another reason that Security First IT is able to retain nearly all its customers is that they understand the needs of small businesses.

They have a flat monthly fee that will cover all your business needs – no hidden fees, no surprise service bills. So you know exactly what your IT support is going to cost each month.

Peace of mind shouldn’t be a burden.

Security First IT understands that providing an excellent ROI to its customers is just common sense. Their flat monthly fee includes everything your business needs to continue growing without worrying about your network, software, or hardware. It’s like having your own in house IT department for a fraction of the cost.

3. Certified and Experienced Technicians

Getting the job done right the first time is possible when you have experienced and well-trained technicians. Security First IT’s team has training and certification in multiple areas and comes on site fully prepared for anything.

Experienced technicians also mean faster service, whether it’s a network set up, emergency downtime issue, or any other type of computer support service.

Experience matters.

In a Huffington Post blog, Karl Kovacs writes about the importance of certifications and talks about how he could “write a book” about all the projects he’s had to fix after someone who wasn’t certified or trained properly tried to “fix” an IT issue.

Some of the certifications that will walk in your door along with Security First IT Support Team:

  • RHCE – Red Hat Certified Engineer
  • CNA – Certified Novell Administrator
  • MCP – Microsoft Certified Professional
  • MCSA – Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate – Office 365
  • CompTIA – Network+ Certified Technician
  • CompTIA – A+ Certified Technician
  • CCDP – Cisco Certified Design Professional
  • CCNA-S – Cisco Certified Network Associate Security
  • CCNA-W – Cisco Certified Network Associate Wireless

4. Customer-Centric Philosophy

One of the biggest reasons that companies looking for IT support in Charlotte choose Security First IT is that they put their needs first.

Their Customer-Centric Philosophy means they care about each and every customer and their business needs. Whether large, small, or medium-sized, every customer’s needs are put first. The company even offers a popular 24-hour emergency service, because they know if a website or network is down, you need help fast to avoid lost sales and productivity.

They don’t leave until the job is done and done to your satisfaction. Security First IT approaches its business as being an extension of yours. They are just as much about your IT and keeping it safe, secure, and running smoothly as you do.

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If you’re within a 30-mile radius of Charlotte, NC, and looking for great IT solutions, Security First IT is a provider you’ll want to check out. Once you do, you may find, just like 99% of their other clients, that you’ll never need to search for expert IT support again.

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